Airplane!: 5 stars

Most pilot characters are human. Some aren’t. The 1980 movie, Airplane! tells the story of a man who has lost his way.

The automatic pilot is, at first glance, an average man. With a broad smile and tuft of brown, plastic hair, he is the backbone for all post-earth hysteria. When two lovers caught in a quarrel cannot steer the plane to safety, it is the automatic pilot who first comes to mind.

His steady and often low-key presence is able to keep the plane adrift during a particularly tumultuous period. Although he seems a perfect companion for the flighty stewardess, the automatic pilot isn’t as normal as she thought.

Battling a possible sex addiction, the automatic pilot insists on blow jobs to fly the plane. Without them, he is completely useless.


Goodfellas: 5 stars

Tommy Devito used to shine shoes for a living. Now he kills people. Goodfellas demonstrates the life of a lonely, once-belittled man, desperate to be the toughest guy on the block.

While interested in women, his primary behavior is for the benefit of men. He surrounds himself with men. He is closest to men. He will not betray the guy code. Uneasy about his obsession with hyper-masculinity, Tommy simultaneously craves approval, yet fears the power men have to shape his identity.

On a quest powered by homosexual anxiety, he ultimately keeps his space. Tommy’s manhood is no laughing matter.

Sex and the City

Sex and the City: 5 stars

Big Preston is a middle aged man living in New York. Not a fan of monogamy, he isn’t interested in a relationship. But then he meets Carrie.

The thirty-something, shoe-loving writer decides to make it her mission to be Big’s only woman. At first, he is dazzled by her expensive purse collection and ability to say yes to almost anything. When wearing a tutu in Midtown Manhattan, she seems delightful if not unrealistic. While intuition and good looks may make for an easy date, Big soon has second thoughts when he realizes her narcissistic and child-like qualities are there to stay. 

In the midst of walking away, Carrie uses a mix of charm and manipulation causing him to doubt his true feelings. Is he a psychological mess because he will not commit to one woman? Is he selfish and uninterested because he prioritizes work? After explaining several times that he is not interested in an exclusive relationship, Carrie refuses to take no for an answer.

Ultimately, Big must choose between the comfort of having someone familiar and his desperately desired independence.

Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction: 5 stars

A sophisticated, supportive wife leaves town for a weekend with her parents. When she leaves, she believes her marriage is healthy, happy and problem-free. Upon return, reality looks different. 

Coming to terms with her husband’s affair, she now faces a man who is not only an adulterer, but afraid of women. In an entitled fit of hysteria, her husband believes she will understand his “one night stand.” 

Her child, may have a different opinion.


FARGO: 5 stars

A stoic, mean-spirited father in law with a tender spot for his only daughter suddenly faces the consequences of his overbearing love. Will he be able to let go of his control to ultimately save his daughter or will his son-in-law destroy the family? This brilliant masterpiece represents the true struggle of a man who hates everyone. Especially those who marry in.